The SYGNAL iPhone App

Turn your iPhone into an instant billboard with SYGNAL! This app allows you to pick a text or symbol icon/message from over 100 choices in the Texticon library. And The Crawl feature allows you to compose a scrolling message and display it large enough for someone to read over 50 feet away!  

Send messages across a crowded room, communicate with someone in transit, get attention at a social gathering. Cheer your favorite team or hail a taxi.

Vibrantly colored icons are entertaining AND useful for conveying a message where it might be too loud (or too quiet) for conventional texting or calling. The scrolling capability of The Crawl allows you to personalize your message by composing it right on the keyboard.  All SYGNALs are clearly visible and meant to be seen, especially effective in dimly lit environments and at night. First there was voice messaging, then text messaging and now the stealth of Silent Messaging (SM): send something important, break the ice or just goof on your friends!

Scroll through the Texticon Library tap on the one you want and it occupies the entire screen in vivid HD color!

Some of the more than 180 Texticons available from SYGNAL with updates for holidays and special occasions.

The Crawl feature allows you to type on the keyboard and display your scrolling message on the screen! You can speed up or slow down the scroll speed with the swipe of a finger on the touch screen.

The SYGNAL interface was built for simplicity. To use it, touch the SYGNAL icon on the app library window. The screen will orient your phone to a landscape, horizontally, since this format accommodates words and abbreviations the best. Touch TEXTICONS to select an image, scroll through the library and touch the image you want to occupy the full screen. Touch again to return to the TEXTICONS. Scroll to either end and touch the thumbnail of the Home screen to return there. Touch THE CRAWL, then rapidly tap the bar on the next screen to type your own message. When you're happy with your message, touch Done. After about a second, the type will emerge and move across the screen right to left. You can delay or speed up the scrolling type with your finger. After the type displays, there will be a delay until a graphic of the Home screen scrolls past, as it does, touch it and return to the actual Home screen.

Available Now! 
Rated 12+ 
Social Networking Category

Has Been Updated! 
Version 1.2 with Even More Sayings, Vibrant New Messages and Holiday Graphics,
The International Code of Signals, the alphabet in Flags, and Hand Signing Alphabet. 
SYGNAL BRIGADE Graphics for use on Multiple Devices Together Simultaneously. 
The Greek Alphabet for Fraternities and Sororities.
Multi-Colored Screen Lights.
Order the SYGNAL app through the iTunes Store.

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