The SYGNAL iPhone App

Turn your iPhone into an instant billboard with SYGNAL! This app allows you to pick a text or symbol icon/message from over 100 choices in the Texticon library. And The Crawl feature allows you to compose a scrolling message and display it large enough for someone to read over 50 feet away!  

Send messages across a crowded room, communicate with someone in transit, get attention at a social gathering. Cheer your favorite team or hail a taxi.

Vibrantly colored icons are entertaining AND useful for conveying a message where it might be too loud (or too quiet) for conventional texting or calling. The scrolling capability of The Crawl allows you to personalize your message by composing it right on the keyboard.  All SYGNALs are clearly visible and meant to be seen, especially effective in dimly lit environments and at night. First there was voice messaging, then text messaging and now the stealth of Silent Messaging (SM): send something important, break the ice or just goof on your friends!

Scroll through the Texticon Library tap on the one you want and it occupies the entire screen in vivid HD color!

Some of the more than 180 Texticons available from SYGNAL with updates for holidays and special occasions.

The Crawl feature allows you to type on the keyboard and display your scrolling message on the screen! You can speed up or slow down the scroll speed with the swipe of a finger on the touch screen.

The LineClaw Rope Attachment System

The LineClaw is a patented stainless-steel wire attachment for braided line. A temporary rope fastener to ease and speed adjustment as a slip-knot (left) or with a variable sized non-slip loop as a static knot (right).
LineClaw is made of 316 stainless-steel, especially for the marine environment, and is fast to attach, and fast to release.

1) Insert braided line through hole. 2) Press other end of the rope loop between claws and pull claws to lock into rope fiber. 3)Attach static knots (like this), or a slip knot (like 1 & 2) the same way. 
4) To release, fold the line back over itself and pull through. 
 Claws are sharp and may damage line over time, handle with care. Do not attempt to attach the LineClaw

while line or rope is under load. 
Intended as a temporary attachment only. Keep out of reach of children.
Available in two sizes, for 1/4" or 1/2" braided line. Two identical LineClaws per package, with complete instructions. Order through your Marine or Outdoor Retailer.

1/4" LineClaw (2 per pkg.)
1/2" LineClaw (2 per pkg.)
The LineClaw is U.S. Patent No.: D661,978S 
LineClaw, SYGNAL & Texticon, and respective logotypes are trademarks of MarkMedia.
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Proudly Made in the USA